Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Long Awaited Gathering

Big clumps of cumulus clouds formed a blanket over the sky. Gentle sun rays filtered through the gaps in between the clouds, casting a golden haze over Mrs Poon's lovely house. Peals of laughter like the ringing of silvery bells filled the house.

It was the long-awaited gathering with my fellow colleagues which Mrs Poon has initiated. She has also taken on the role of chief logistic officer-cum-chef and enlisted the help of her husband and two sons to prepare the glorious food for us. Our team spirit was on full display as all chipped in wherever we could, just like at work. After many hands made light work and working together made great fun!

See the fun pictures and savour the finger-licking good food:

Highlights of the yummy food included the soft, succulent and tender pork ribs. Hot from the oven, the mouth-watering aroma wafted through the kitchen. We were drooling and could not resist the urge to have a bite. Thumbs-up for the heavenly and tantalising ribs!!! However, Mrs Poon told us that the ribs were to be barbecued which would add more oomphs to the already awesome taste. Verdict: 5 star Michelin food.

Another of our many favourites (there were so many!) was the big garlic prawns. There was great attention to the details where the prawns were deveined leaving the shells on. Exacting heat control ensured that the prawns retained its juiciness and the prawns were coated with just the right amount of garlic which enhanced without overwhelming the natural sweetness of the shellfish.

Thanks to our big-hearted Indian colleague, we savoured the goodness of homemade chicken curry which he has taken great efforts to bring it together with baguettes. Hah, the two went together like a match made in culinary heaven.

We also had a relaxing time just by setting our eyes on the many interesting herbs and eye-catching flowering plants dotting the manicured garden. What a pleasant sight!

To top it off, we had a karaoke session where we reminicised in old songs and embraced new ones. Mrs Poon was an avid karaoke singer. We loved to sing with her and whenever we were stumped, she would lend us a helping voice.

All in all, we had a wonderful fun time. We had glorious food, good company, great conversation and groovy music. I don't know about you, I really enjoy myself tremendously.

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