Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lunch stolen!

Sharing my boy's journal. It is very interesting to look at the world through the lens of the little ones:


Yesterday,when I went home from school, my lunch was missing! I looked high and low for my lunch, but it was nowhere to be found.Then I saw my older brother,P eating chicken rice.So I went up to ask him where was my lunch.

"This is my lunch? Why isn't there any chicken!"I shouted when P pointed at my lunch. I was red with anger and wanted to punch him. Just then, my mother came by. She told me about what had happened.

My mother said that P realized that he had to stay back in school but for some funny reasons he did not have any money to buy food! So he ended up running home before I reached home. So P had free lunch that belonged to me and I ended up eating bread for lunch.

I have to starve after lunch and also learnt that while slow and steady would win the race, it would not win food.

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