Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Legoland a fresh new experience

It was in late 2013 when R had a bad fall in Legoland that cut short our day there. During one of our normal daily conversation, R recounted to me that he thought he was going to leave us then as he was bleeding profusely. Thereafter, I suggested that we should go again to recreate new and beautiful memories.

Within a week, the suggestion became a reality. We set off early in the morning and stopping by a food centre for our breakfast. We ate the same wanton egg noodles. The taste was especially savoury with the boys tucking in merrily. It made me feel so happy and warm.

Before long we reached Legoland just when it was to be opened and the visitors were still far and few between. The sun was shining, casting a lovely glow on the place. There were just the right number of clouds to make the weather simply perfect. 

We headed to the air-conditioned area where the boys registered to learn about robots and heartbeats while my hubby and I just lazed around. 

That was me having fun, posing behind Einstein Lego statue.

Next we went to the adventure zone with dragons as the theme. I would say, this was the best day out at a theme park. The crowd was relatively thin that there was little or no waiting time. Thrill rides, we had most of them and managed to convince P to join the thrillest of them of all. We also had time to share for the 4D movie, boat ride and car ride for R.

Thereafter we headed to Taman University Food Centre for our high tea. We would have had dessert as well if not for our favourite stall was closed. Our guess was that Wednesday was its off-day. With Legoland a short drive away, we have had a pact that we would be back again - this time to stay at the rectangular and primary colours building at Legoland hotel.