Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tips on Public Speaking

Due to a change in work portfolio, I have not been able to find time to do my Toastmasters' project for two months and counting. Many thanks to my fellow club members who have been so understanding and helped out in the club activities.

As I find time to tidy up my messy abode, I found previous Toastmasters' Club programme sheets which I had then frantically scribbling my notes. Each meeting was jam-packed with so much information that I tried to record down what I could take home as much as possible.

Here are the notes for sharing:

- an atmosphere of ...
- an aura of handsomeness
- redundancy, verbosity
- elicit
- logic tells emotion sells
- there is music in language (wishy-washy, topsy-turvy)
- success will not elude you
- ... refreshed my memory
- enchanted/ smitten
- reproach
- pillar of strength/ support
- mould a person's character
- full-house effect
- gratification was like reaching the sumit
- out of comfort zone
- scan around to survey the area
- not a single soul
- heartbeat skipped once whenever a canine barked.
- eyes sparkled
- aim too high is akin to shooting at the moon
- life is a sum of missed opportunities
- a blanket of darkness
- a river that flows
- never show all your cards

- inspiring, educational, entertaining
- blood, sweat, tears

To my club members, I am trying very hard to find time to continue my toastmasters' journey. I believe this is a only a passing phase and as I learn more I will become more proficient and productive. This is just like when I learn to be a better public speaker. See you people real soon.