Thursday, December 30, 2010

Working more than you are paid for

For readers of "Think and Grow Rich" by Napolean Hill, I suppose it will be natural for us to also delve into Hill's other books such as the Laws of Success.

One of the most important laws is to work more than you are paid for. It sounds simple enough but it is an extremely difficult law to adhere to. Once you are able to live by the law, success is within your reach.

In any job, there are four factors that affect the salary that the job commands. 1. Number of people who are willing to do the job (e.g. salesman, insurance agents -- there are many who want to be in the sales and insurance line); 2. How much specialised skill the job requires (e.g. a doctor who is a specialist in any field will earn more); 3. How undesirable the job is; and 4. How many people are willing to pay for the service.

Factor 4 is positively correlated to factor 1. Factors 2 and 3 will require one to be really passionate about the job in order to endure the hardwork and unpleasantries that come with the chosen job. All factors will require one to work doubly, triply and much more in order to be better than your competitors.

Besides that love for the job, it will also help if you can use the law of attraction by visualising that you are at the top. Be a child again, to experience the creative power of our mind through visualization. Give yourself hope when all else seems bleak.

To your success,

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Bandari - Melody of Nature (3 CDs)

My family bought this set of 3 CDs. The music is beautiful, enchanting and soothing. Perfect to heal that tired, urbanite and at times, disillusioned soul.


The Bandari Orchestra consists of a group of young composers, instrumentalists and sound recording engineers. It was founded in Switzerland in 1990 and is led by Oliver Schwartz.

Deeply influenced by the beauty of nature, they are especially apt in portraying nature through music to produce the BANDARI signature sound that the world has come to love.

“Melody of Nature” comprises 3 of the Bandari Orchestra’s latest albums: “Garden of Dreams” (Bandari’s 10th Anniversary Album and a musical tribute to Suzanne Ciani, Kevin Kern, George Winston & other New Age icons), “Crystal Lake” and “Breezy Valley”.

This attractive package comes with a free booklet containing useful information on the Bandar’s music and its therapeutic effects, as well as a guide to stress management and aromatherapy.

Vol. 1 – Garden of Dreams
1. Turning 
Irish drums - whirling round and round in triplets - eading the melody subtly forward. Beneath the flute, you hear not only rich, silky strings, but also beautiful decoraibe percussions that give this track a magical, dreamly quality.

2. Dreamcatcher 
The piano first appears in this track, followed by tinkling wind chimes in the light breeze, ushering the entry of melodious strings. The piano re-enters just before the track ends, leading this beautiful dramscape to a close.

3. Beyond the Sundial 
Crystal clear sound engineering paints a vivid picture of sunrise. The flute alternates with the oboe on a sentimental melody, intercepted occasionally by strums of the harp. This track and clear and refreshing, like gentle sunshine relected on a lake on a bright day; and pure and simple - like lilies that grace the lakeside.

4. Adagio in Minor 
Thick, solid sounds of the double bass grip your heart from the very beginning. The strings then enter in unison and the air stirs with excitment. This track is decorated with light-hearted punctuations of the piccolo, bells and triangles.

I have tried to google for the music, this is the closest I could find by Yanni. Equally magnificent music! Enjoy.

5. Zarabanda 
The introduction is filled with an air of mystery, as the flute paints a picture of vast widerness. A strike on the drum adds to the rich immensity of the soundscape. The brass carries the main theme, signifying a bountiful life and a carrying on of traditions.

6. 在輝煌的季節中 (In magnificent season)
Nostalgic sounds of strings gives this track a bright and beautiful beginning. The piano, clarinet and flute weave in and out of the melody like butterfiles in spring. Simply delightful.

7. Lauren
8. Give Me Your Hand 
9. The Soong Sister 
10. Ortaffa 
11. Beyond the Invisible 
12. Hymn 
13. The Golden Land 
14. Breakout 

Vol. 2 – Crystal Lake
1. Mystica 
2. Marco Polo 
3. Raindrops on Your Face 
4. Summerwaltz 
5. Black Windmill 
6. Japanese Girl 
7. The wings of Icarus 
This Greek god donned magical wings and took to the sky. What joy it must have been cruising the peaceful heavens!

8. Theme From Missing 
9. Sparkling Raindrops 
10. Blue Love Theme 
11. A Day Without Rain 
12. Aqua Blue 
13. White Moon Over Tibet
14. Love Letter to You 
If you had a chance to come to this beautiful lake, and perchance you decided to stay for a while, or even for a very long tiem... Who would you invite to share this moment with you?

Vol. 3 - Breezy Valley
1. Snow
Snow falls - silently. But too loud for the sleepless Bear. Snow falls on the vast fields, covering the tracks of memory, and it all began, with silent snow... falling... falling.

2. Song of the angels 
3. Indian Summer 
4. Mars and Venus 
5. Dreaming in the moonlight
6. Love of my life 
7. Sunset Valley 
8. Love me tonight 
9. If I love again 
10. Heaven on earth 
11. Green leaves of spring 
12. Good morning sunshine 
13. The way of the wind 
14. For your heart only

Merry Christmas and a Wonderful 2011 ahead

Dear readers,

A BIG THANK YOU for visiting my blog.

As I reviewed my year, I thought about my readers. Yes, that's you. This blog is started a few years back as an avenue for me to share my experiences. At times, I have been less than able to post my thoughts due to other commitments. Those are trying times which I was glad that I pressed on guided by my compass - my dreams.

Being able to continue to post my thoughts is a commitment I have for myself. In a sense, it is a glimpse of how I lead my life - once a goal is made, never falter in the face of challenge. As blog writers, we do not draw a salary. It is done out of the hope that through our sharing, we could help fellow friends out there in one way or another to live their lives better and not to make the same mistake where others have erred.

2010 has been yet another extremely fulfilling one because I know that I am working towards my aim, getting closer each and every single day.

Here's wishing you a beautiful and relaxing holidays!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Women in India

From Freakonomics:

It has been record much in history that for ages women lag behind men. Notice that I use present tense, because it is still true.

If you are a woman born in India, count yourself real unlucky for women are viewed very lightly in the country. India is a country which practises male-worshipping. Having a boy means your twilight years will be taken care off by the boy. On the hand, a girl is viewed as a burden where you have to incur money to raise her and more to marry her in the form of dowry.

The issue is that not only men look down on women in India. Women, themselves feel that it is alright to be beaten up by drunken husband, it is alright to suffer all this injustice that we as outsiders see it.

So it is interesting that some economists attempt to measure the extent of emancipation of women with the outset of well, the goggle-box, television. These economists conducted face-to-face survey with the women in two towns near to each other. In the first town, television has found its way there while not the second town.

They found that in the town where television is a fixture at home, women are likely (in statistic terms, we say statistically significant) to send their girls to school, they are also more likely to exercise some degree of autonomy in some of the day-to-day activities.

However do note that there is a difference between declared preference and actual preference. In the former, we can expect some fibbing as respondents may want to say something which the interviewer wants to hear. For example, if someone were to ask you your household income, you are more likely to quote a lower number.

So the economists went to verify the declared preference - the enrolment of girls in the local schools. They confirmed that there is indeed an increase in the number of girls admitted to the schools.


Lesson I learnt: When we read survey findings do take note that it only reveals the declared preference of the respondents. Wherever possible, look out for data which can help us establish the actual preference.