Thursday, December 30, 2010

Working more than you are paid for

For readers of "Think and Grow Rich" by Napolean Hill, I suppose it will be natural for us to also delve into Hill's other books such as the Laws of Success.

One of the most important laws is to work more than you are paid for. It sounds simple enough but it is an extremely difficult law to adhere to. Once you are able to live by the law, success is within your reach.

In any job, there are four factors that affect the salary that the job commands. 1. Number of people who are willing to do the job (e.g. salesman, insurance agents -- there are many who want to be in the sales and insurance line); 2. How much specialised skill the job requires (e.g. a doctor who is a specialist in any field will earn more); 3. How undesirable the job is; and 4. How many people are willing to pay for the service.

Factor 4 is positively correlated to factor 1. Factors 2 and 3 will require one to be really passionate about the job in order to endure the hardwork and unpleasantries that come with the chosen job. All factors will require one to work doubly, triply and much more in order to be better than your competitors.

Besides that love for the job, it will also help if you can use the law of attraction by visualising that you are at the top. Be a child again, to experience the creative power of our mind through visualization. Give yourself hope when all else seems bleak.

To your success,

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