Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas and a Wonderful 2011 ahead

Dear readers,

A BIG THANK YOU for visiting my blog.

As I reviewed my year, I thought about my readers. Yes, that's you. This blog is started a few years back as an avenue for me to share my experiences. At times, I have been less than able to post my thoughts due to other commitments. Those are trying times which I was glad that I pressed on guided by my compass - my dreams.

Being able to continue to post my thoughts is a commitment I have for myself. In a sense, it is a glimpse of how I lead my life - once a goal is made, never falter in the face of challenge. As blog writers, we do not draw a salary. It is done out of the hope that through our sharing, we could help fellow friends out there in one way or another to live their lives better and not to make the same mistake where others have erred.

2010 has been yet another extremely fulfilling one because I know that I am working towards my aim, getting closer each and every single day.

Here's wishing you a beautiful and relaxing holidays!

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