Thursday, September 26, 2013

Best Friends Forever

R's composition that was chosen as one of the model compositions in class. Boy, he was thrilled.

Best Friends Forever

I was having a friendly basketball match during my Physical Education lesson. Our referee told us to be careful. I loved basketball and was filled with excitement not knowing that I was about to be a victim of an accident in the basketball court.

I dribbled the ball with my right hand and was blocking others with the other hand. I kept on dribbling and looking forward. Even though I wanted nothing bad to happen, someone suddenly snatched the ball from my right hand.

"Ouch!" I shouted when my left arm hit the hard floor. The person who snatched  the ball did not care for me. He just got away and focused on winning the game. I felt hurt when I saw my best friend, Tim, staying away from me. Our Physical Education teacher was watching nearby and he came to help me.

My teacher called up a few of my friends to help. I felt even more hurt when Tim did not come to help me! I said to myself, "Why did I make a friend that does nothing to help me when I am injured!" While thinking about that, I was brought to the General Office. When I was there, I realized that Tim was there too. I asked,"Why didn't you care for me when you saw me injured." He said sadly,"I am sorry, I just do not know how to help and was stunned to see you injured." I pat him on his back telling him that we could still be best friends.

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