Saturday, September 14, 2013

Term 3 One Week School Break

The September 1-week holiday is coming to a close. It has been an eventful one. My hubby was out of town for most part of the week so I was effectively the de facto head of household.

P was in the final phase of preparation of the upcoming PSLE. He continued to report to school for the first two days of the school holiday. Kudos to the teachers for extra efforts to help the students. P was also busy with the practices that he needed to sharpen his saw for the first important examination for this twelve year old boy.

On the other hand, R was enjoying his break. At the same time, he was helping me to encourage and give his not-exactly-motivated brother a little nudge in his preparation. His goofing around had definitely brightened up P's otherwise dry and mundane mugging.

The boys participated in the Junior Golf Day on Thursday afternoon. It was obvious that they had a whale of a time. Happiness was written all over their angelic faces when they were back from the course for the dinner and prize presentation ceremony. R played well and won 2 prizes. He tried hard to appear indifferent but his joy was evident. He even whispered softly into my ears to take his photos when he received his prizes. To top off the wondrous day, their daddy returned home from his work trip on Thursday too. They stayed up late just for the goodnight kiss from their daddy. It was so sweet.

Friday was family day as we headed up north. I was delighted that my mother could join us for this road trip. We had some good buys from the Johore Premium Outlet and a scrumptious dinner at the open air night market.

On the whole, it has a great week. With the PSLE looming ahead like a dark cloud, P has been making good use of every pocket of spare time. While I am penning this post, P is still pounding the books. This is the crucial time. We will be around to support him.

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