Sunday, September 22, 2013

R's New iPad

I share R's journal a few weeks ahead. Now, it is P's side of the story. Hmm, look's like a case if sibling rivalry at play. Well, well, all parents love their children equally. I guess it will take time for the reality to sink in....

R's New iPad

It was R's birthday. So, Mum bought R a brand new iPad as a birthday present. 

Wow! That was SO unfair! I mean during my birthday, other than a small Oreo cake which I dislike, Mum did not give me anything! The reason why Mom bought an Oreo cake instead of a fruit cake (which I like) was because R liked the Oreo cake and would not touch the fruit cake. Why? That was MY birthday not R's birthday.

Anyway, R said that he would share the iPad with me in front of Mum. Bunch of lies! However, Mum actually got caught in his ruse and even praised him!

Behind Mom's back R delivered the punchline- Only if I follow the terms and conditions given by R. And they are:
1-Follow me to the toilet because I am scared.
2-Follow the above condition at all times.

See,I knew my hunch was true. With such conditions, even I would not want the iPad!

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