Monday, September 2, 2013

Happiness is simple

My face lit up when my eyes caught a recognisable sight. I was on board SBS bus 88 and had just pressed the bell to signal to the driver that I would be alighting at the next bus stop. As I made my way near the alighting doors, My eye caught the back of a boy cladded in school PE attire, carrying an oversized worn-out black haversack and walking towards my block. He looked strikingly familiar.

I was excited like a child and resisted the urge to shout. Without a moment to lose, I whipped out my handphone and attempted to take a picture. Alas, I missed! The bus was moving too fast. When the bus reached my destination, I hurried towards my younger boy, R.

R was delighted to bump into me and flashed a broad grin at me. It was a wonderful coincidence. As it was lunch time, we headed to the nearby hawker centre to have our meal together, hand-in-hand.

"Mummy, the food is delicious." R beamed. He then smacked his lips and showed a thumbs-up sign.

I smiled and put my arm over his shoulder.

Happiness is that simple!

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