Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Family, My Strength

My family has always been the centre of my life. Every decision that I make, it is always in the best interest of my family.

When my husband studied for a master's degree in the United States of America. I too, packed my bags and joined him with two toddlers in tow. 

For a year, we lived in the yore 
years before the emancipation of women. I took charge of the household affair while my hubby brought home the bacon. My family was perfect. While we did not have financial might of a dual-income family, our spartan home was filled with mirthful love and laughter. 

Above: Our lovely home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that housed so much of our precious memories.

Above: The familiar places that we used to head out for our weekly grocery shopping.

Our family believes that a family that plays together, stays together. When one is battered by hard knocks of life, one can always envelope in the loving embrace of the family and lean on the family for support during hard times. 

To me, my greatest joy is to be with my family. When they are happy, so am I. While I do not expect returns, love is a two-way street. 

I am the person I am largely because of the influence of my parents. My mother is a housewife throughout her entire life with my father as the breadwinner. She might not be a successful career woman but she is a remarkable woman. She has provided emotional support and showered us with so much love - at times tough love, especially when we were young.

When my dad passed away suddenly, we were heartbroken. But we had little regrets as we had always tried to spend time together. After working laboriously for much of his life, he retired and enjoyed a good few years of blissful life surrounded by his grandchildren.

My dear readers, do spend time with your family. That is the most important thing, the rest are secondary.

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