Sunday, October 13, 2013


For centuries, women had been suffering in silence under the oppression of men. Men with huge ego whose hubris made them feel superior and infallible. The more unreasonable control they exerted, the more righteous they believed. The more successful the men were, the more invulnerable they felt.

No longer so! For women have been emancipated in many parts of the world. It was therefore fitting for our Club President, Reuben to dedicate the Saturday's toastmasters' club meeting to women.

The meeting was called to order by our smartly-dressed Toastmaster of the Day, Wendy. She was confident and had good control of the meeting.

Highlights of the meeting included the kind reminder from our lovely VPE, Dr Latha. She took the opportunity to remind us that October was the month of pink ribbon aka breast cancer awareness. For women who are 40 and above, it is advisable to go for mammogram.

We learnt a new word, "audacity", which met boldness from our dashing language evaluator, Jun. He also provided an example of its use as in "we admire his audacity to take the challenge to speak on stage."

As with our toastmasters meeting, there was a lot of fun alongside learning. As I stepped out of the air-conditioned room into the scorching-hot weather outside, my heart was filled with all the good emotions. With a smile in my face, I walked with a spring in my steps. It has been such a wonderful experience.

P/s: There were many more learning lessons but I would not be doing justice to pen them all down, with my limited memory and writing skills. Nothing beats attending the session live. Hope to see you at the next fellowship meeting!

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