Thursday, October 24, 2013

Oktoberfest Public Speaking Meeting

Do you have fear of speaking in the public? Most people are more fearful of speaking than death.

Join Toastmasters to conquer this fear and build your confidence. You will have fun while learning and make wonderful friends in the process. 

Here I am sharing a write-up of a Toastmasters' meeting.

To your speaking success.

Oktoberfest Public Speaking Meeting

It was a lovely Wednesday evening. The setting sun was hiding behind the clouds and was preparing to give way to the evening moon.

Fellow toastmasters and guests started to stream in from 7.15 pm to attend the upcoming Toastmasters meeting. The atmosphere was comfortable and cordial. At 7.30 pm sharp, our Club President, RB called the meeting to order. 

He extended a very warm welcome to one and all before sharing on how Toastmasters Programme had made him stand out from the crowd. He was able to make an impactful presentation with the help of Toastmasters Programme. We were also treated with a short clip on the inspiring speech by Malala Yousafzai at the United Nations.

Thereafter, the meeting proceeded into the prepared speech segment. In this segment, fellow toastmasters who have prepared their speeches using the speaking manual provided by Toastmasters International, took the stage. The audience was enthralled by the folk tale, "Where is the Love", shared by R. We next, listened in rapt attention to G's speech entitled "The Fabulous Destiny of Amelia" as she brought us to a world of enchantment.

The second segment of the meeting was the Table Topics session. This segment was to allow members and guests to practice impromptu speaking. The theme of the night was money and this segment was helmed by T. 

Moving on to the third segment was evaluation time. This was where fellow toastmasters could improve under the tutelage of more experienced toastmasters. The latter gave their verbal evaluation in an encouraging manner. There was also a language evaluation by A, who pointed out the good usage and the inappropriate use of the English language. Not forgetting, the timer's and the Ah Counter's report, so that we would all make good use of precious time and reduce our pause fillers in our speeches.

As the night curtains drew down, our meeting too came to a close. Our Club President gave his closing address and wished us a safe journey home. 

Thank you, my fellow toastmasters and especially to our guests, for making the meeting a great success. 

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