Monday, October 14, 2013

Unexpected Incident at Legoland

Anticipation was in the air when we woke up. It was because we had a date with E's family at Legoland, Malaysia. The last unforgetable trip also at Legoland but in Chicago was in June this year. E was there as her father was outstationed there for a few months while we had planned for years to re-visit USA again. The boys have great fun and were looking forward to reminicise those good, joyous time.


We met E and her family at Mindstorm. Her family was there earlier and had helped to book a 45 minute timeslot at 11 am. Somehow, time flew and in a jiffy, the kids were ushered out of the room. We had a quick mini lunch break before the kids attended another 45 minute session at 12 pm. When they had finally completed the indoor session, theywere raving for the thrilling rollercoaster rides.


There was a light drizzle which fizzled out soon enough. However, the sky was overcasted with dark clouds looming ominously just above our heads. As we proceeded to the "Dragon Apprentice" for our rides, the kids could not resist the temptation to race in a bid to race against time.


The crowd was fairly thick and the ground was slightly wet after the passing shower. I saw R trying to navigate through the crowd. Suddenly, he slipped and fell. He picked himself up and wanted to continue running. From a distance, I could see blood flowing profusely down from his head. A Japanese couple shouted "Boy, stop running. You are bleeding." The man grabbed R on his hand firmly and brought him to the nearest cafe to ask for first aid. In the meantime, he had also requested for serviette and cold press to stop the bleeding.


R was lying on my lap as I applied the cold press on his head and at the same time, assuring that it was alright. Before long, the medic came. He checked the wound and advised us to send R to hospital. Before which, he cleaned up the wound and administered first aid so as to stop the bleeding. Legoland staff then accompanied us out on their buggy as  R was in no condition to walk.


We then drove back to Singapore to send R to the Hospital. The doctor examined R and told us that it was a small but deep cut. Preparation was made for the doctor to stitch up the wound. All through out R's ordeal, I was with him. It was the same when he had his appendix removed. R's eyes were flashing with apprehension but they quickly looked assured when our eyes met. I smiled and praised him for being such a brave boy. For a nine-year old boy, it must be intimidating but he pulled through it beautifully without a single drop of tear.


Before long, R was back to his cheery self even though he admitted that he was very scared that he may die after the fall. An opportunist, he always is, he asked for his prized soft toy which I baulked at the hefty price tag and had declined him on several occasions. I relented and I wished for his speedily recovery.


It may have been an unfortunate incident at Legoland. However, it has brought our family closer. It reminded me that while the boys are older now, parents still give them the assurance and love that make them feel confident and strong.

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