Thursday, October 10, 2013

An outing after PSLE

This was a journal written by P. It's quite an easy read which is also entertaining. Enjoy.

It was a hot and humid day. Mum and I went to the town centre to buy a book I wanted. 

We got there by car. It took some time before we found a parking space as there were a lot of cars then. After that, we went to Popular bookshop to buy the book. As I could not find the book I wanted, I bought some other books. 

Then, we went to a Japanese restaurant to buy my brother, R's favorite cheese cake."I'm sure R will be elated when he sees the cheese cake." I thought . Finally, we bought ourselves some soya bean drinks to quench our thirst and tubs of bean curds for daddy.

Sure enough, R was over the moon when he saw what we got for him. In fact, he helped himself to the delicious cheese cake before we settled down.

All in all, it was a truly enjoyable trip I had even though I did not get the book I wanted.

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