Sunday, October 27, 2013

Golf and I

Here I am again at the Golfers' lounge, watching the professionals with their perfect swing and putt on the Golf Channel. I could only marvel and wish secretly that my golf prowess could one day reach half this level.

This is the year-end session where thunderstorms are prevalent in the equatorial Singapore. I was taking an enforced break due to lightning alert. In the Golfers' Lounge, I could have a stupendous view of the golf course. The golf designer had meticulously planned for the different shrubs, plants and trees which were carefully orchestrated for the maximum enjoyment of golfers. 

However, one should not be lulled into thinking that it was a walk in the park. To me, it was a tall order to even pick up this gentleman's sports. After much time, effort and money, my old habits were always lurking in the deep recesses of my mind waiting for every opportunity to pounce back with a vengeance.

At times I was and still am amazed at my tenacity. "Don't think too much and keep trying." I was always telling myself. I will continue. As long as I persevere, I can only get better. 

So dear readers, if you have encountered multiple failures, do not give up. Keep trying and enjoy the process. I am doing just that, penning a post while waiting for the lightnings to go away.

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