Wednesday, October 2, 2013

4 simple steps to be happy

Today, I will like to share four simple steps to be happy.

Make the decision right NOW to live a happy and fulfilling life starting from now on. The power of your decision and intent is unbelievable.

Then, follow the four steps detailed below.

Step 1: Change your focus. Don't focus on the problems. Focus on the solution.

If you are in a life situation where you feel overwhelmed by problems, don't worry, you are not alone. About 90% of the population is living in the same way, some may be worse. 

The most dangerous thing to do is to focus on your problem. When you put your attention on your problem, it gets energy from you, and it will grow bigger, until one day it becomes so big that it consumes you. 

A simple way to get ahead of 90% of the population and become part of the top 10%, is to change focus. The moment you change your focus, you open up new possibilities. 

Step 2: Activate your sub-conscious mind.

The next step is to solve the problems on hand.

Albert Einstein once said, "The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination."

The way to solve your problems Iies through imagination, which is also your sub-conscious mind. The sub-conscious mind knows all the solutions to every one of your problems. You will get all your answers if you know how to ask.

Here is a simple and powerful way you can activate your sub-conscious mind right now.

Write it down and trust that your sub-conscious mind will bring the solution to you.

It can be something as follows

"Dear my subconscious mind,

Please guide me to the right people, information and actions that will lead me to ... (finding my solutions or fulfilling my desires). "

Sign your name beneath it. Believe in it entirely.

Step 3: Live in the moment.

Once you activate your sub-conscious mind, it will guide you to the answer in the most intelligent way that you ever imagine possible. 

Live in the moment so that you will be able to recognise the answer when it comes. Most people spend their time worrying about the future and talking about the past, so they are never living in the present.

When you live in the present, you feel in control, and life magic is unfolding to you in every moment. You simply wish and the answers come. 

Then how do you live in the moment

Be an observer of your mind. Once you realize your mind is worrying about the past or worrying about the future, bring it back to this moment.

Remind yourself that the solution is at this moment. When you find yourself in the present moment, ask yourself this question, "What is the next thing I need to do in order to bring forth my heart desires?" This should be a question you ask yourself all the time.

Write it down and put it somewhere you can easily see. This is a reminder for you to stay in the moment.

Step 4: Go to the silence

When you are waiting in the present moment for your answers to come, NEVER ever become frustrated if your answers don't come at a time you expect. You have to be patient with your sub-conscious mind, because it knows what is the best time-your conscious mind does not. If you find yourself losing patience, it is important for you to go to the silence and reconnect with your sub-conscious mind. This can be done by a simple 15-minute meditation.

Use these 4 simple steps and see how it will transform your life forever.

To our happiness!

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