Thursday, October 24, 2013

My Colleagues, My Comrades

"We have a very tight deadline to meet," I said as a matter-of-factly.

"Let us know how we can each chip in." S volunteered.

My team is a diligent lot. Everyone is ever so willing to roll up their sleeves to lighten the workload together. 

I have been in my current position for three years and counting. Gosh! That means I have spent 1,095 days or 26,850 hours of my life here.

This is one of my most memorable posting as I have great colleagues who  are also my comrades.

First is Z, the veteran in the team with tonnes of experience under her belt. While she is a no-nonsense person, she has her light moments often with a deadpan look. She is humble and always willing to impart her huge reservoir of experience.

Next is R, the man in our team. An engineer by training, he is meticulous and thorough. He has a soft spot for ornamental prawns. Thanks to him, we are now proud parents of many generations of his first batch of prawns, whose wings have spread far and wide.

Then we have S. She is very cheerful and a joy to be with. She is hardworking and always going the extra mile. An eternal optimist, she always finds the silver lining in every dark cloud. Fortunately or not, that applies to food too.

Enters L. L is considerate and conscientious worker. She has an innate maternal instinct and we call "Ho mama" affectionately. She is artistically inclined and brightens our day with her intricately designed art pieces. Who needs to queue for the minions toys when we have L's?

How can I forget dear M? She is always toiling in the background to ensure that the routine reports are out each month. She is highly responsible and independent. She has lots of initiatives and will always be so willing to help out in things big and small.

They are my dear colleagues, my comrades. At times, I am surprised that we click so well though we are such a diverse group. Despite the great difference in age and temperament, we are in tune with each other, like the harmonious keys of a piano.  They are my brother and sisters that I never had.

Thank you for helping out always so willingly. I am indeed blessed to have comrades like you

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