Monday, October 7, 2013

A little shopping extravaganza

Last Sunday, the Lim's kitchen fell quiet as the chef, who was none other than yours truly, went out for a little get-together with her girl friends. 

I left the shepherding of the boys to their golf lessons to my husband, who was happy for me to have some me time. It has been a long time since I indulged in myself in non-productive but equally important distraction such as shopping. 

With little time in my hands, I have to be ruthlessly efficient. But this was also very draining. Shopping used to mean going to a specific place and ticking meticulously the items off the shopping list. There was no room for idleness. No time to waste.

So Sunday was a very special shopping treat for me. My friends and I met to have lunch at Old Airport Hawker Centre. After which we had a spur of the moment decision and headed to Bugis area just to while our afternoon away.

Bugis street market was a Mecca for shoppers and bargain hunters. Among the varied merchandises that the stall holders hawked, there were many which could be found on Taobao, a China-based Internet platform. There were also many stalls selling many curios and knick knacks. Each could be a conversation piece.

What made this shopping trip memorable was my friends. They peppered the shopping experience with their genuine feedback. With little inhibitions, our comments were often delivered with great punchline.

At the end of which, our legs were aching in protest. However, we had enjoyed ourselves basking in good companionship. Thank you, my dear friends.

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