Monday, February 15, 2010

Sample Programme List

I finally found the time to take photographs of the programme list which I have attended two months ago "Chalking it Up".

Here it is for sharing:

My apologies for the low resolution pictures. Basically, there are three sections to the above attached picture. The last perforated section is for the participants to tear it out and vote for the Best Prepared Speaker, Evaluator and Table Topics Speaker.

The above is printed on the second sheet of the same paper.

Here is another tip which I learnt from the COT training which I attended about two to three weeks ago. Very often, our club members who are also performing leadership roles at the meeting, forget to approach a fellow toastmaster to be their evaluator. One easy solution is to assign toastmaster as evaluator (subject to his/her agreement of course). In this way, the club members will be evaluated. At the same time, toastmasters who are the evaluators would be informed in advance and also recognised for their contribution. Try it for size at your next toastmasters' meeting!

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