Saturday, February 6, 2010

Heartland is where the heart belongs

The night breeze is cool and gentle. There is no upsetting crowd chants unlike in the city area. In its place, the uplifting crowd cheers fill the air.

Everyone is happily picking up a bargain for at the little kiosks at the foyer area of town centre. A number are touting the latest fad and style fashion apparels, assessories such as belts, earrings and bags. Some are clearing branded rejects at rock bottom prices. You can also get cheap thrills for little children which tie in with the different times of the year - lanterns during the Lantern Festivals, or the newest kids on the block.

When the clock strikes 8.30 pm, the salesgirl at nearby bakery shop will shout in her hoarse, loud voice of the markdown prices of the buns. Bargain hunters could take their pick from the fresh array of buns for a good half an hour before the shop shutters come down.

Besides buns, shoppers could also choose from a plethora of eating establishments that caters to different budgets. There is the everyday kopi-tiam style Koufu, Crystal Jade Chinese Restaurant and a couple of other restaurants to choose from depending on what you fancy For those on the move, they will also be spoilt for a choice with household fast-food chains such as MacDonalds, Burger King, KFC; as well as local one like Old Chang Kee dotting the suburban shopping area.

I love shopping in the suburban area especially the one near my place. Not only can I get the things which I need all within close proximity, it is also very easy on my pocket. Especially for fashion items, yes, the price does reflect the quality. But the clothing and assessories could last till the next wave in fashion sweeps in.

At the same time, I feel a sense of homecoming when I am at my town shopping unlike in the city. Maybe, it is because I can easily catch a bus home. Or even if I were to miss the last bus, I could always take a lazy stroll in the cool and serene night under the starry sky. Ahh... heartland is truly where the heart belongs.

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