Monday, February 1, 2010

Welcome a New Year

This year is a very special year for me. It is 2010. I am still alive and kicking 10 years since the beginning of a new millennium.

The last ten years were a sinuous path. In 2000, I started to pursue my MBA on a part-time basis. Barely two months in the course, I found that I was pregnant with my first child. I decided to continue with my course as the timing was immaculate. Based on the Expected Delivery Date, my boy would be born after the final examination and I could nurse back to health during the two months term break.

Things went accordingly to plan mostly and the next few years of my life was without much fanfare. It was until 2003 when the unexpected news that I was carrying my second child came. While unexpected to a certain extent, the timing was almost perfect - I would be able to complete my studies before giving birth. Though my second boy arrived slightly earlier, I have buffered time for that.

I supposed planning is part of me. Then came 2005 where I took a one-year time-off from my career to be a SAHM in a foreign land. Though I was then not holding a full-time job, my hands were full from taking care of the two young toddlers and I could fully appreciate the term "terrible two" as my younger boy was then approaching. But my mind was more peaceful as it was uncluttered with no work to think of. On hindsight, this was a best time of my life in this millennium and it changed my perspective a great deal.

When I returned to Singapore again, I was more independent. I managed to weave in a lot of things which I had wanted to do but never ever to find time to do. The top three on my list which I have successsfully conquered are 1. to have a blog; 2. to learn piano; and 3. to work on my public speaking skills. Besides these three, I have also managed to establish a regular exercise routine and be a better cook and mother.

What's next in 2010? I will like to improve on my piano, public speaking and writing skills. Incidentially, when I was clearing my stuff the past few months, I saw books which I would copy down useful phrases to beef up my limited vocabulary dating as far back as 1996! As for learning the piano, I have always wanted to learn to play the guitar since I was a teenager. The second-hand guitar has survived decades of spring cleaning and shifting of houses. In the case of public speaking, I recalled that I was on stage telling a story when I was in primary school. In a sense, sometimes, we already know what our interests are but we need to traverse to find out what we really love.

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