Thursday, February 11, 2010


How would you coach your child to write about himself or herself? I cannot stand it when my boy started the passage with "I am P. I am xx years old and am a student with xxx school". Boring!

So I sit down and discuss with him what he wants to write. What is so distinctive about him and the result is below.

After that, he was grinning from ear-to-ear and pleased with himself with his little piece of write-up.



Imagine a stick with a round right curve at the top. This is the letter "P". The first letter of my name. I am PL. Like the letter "P, I have a round big head and am lean.

I wear a multi-coloured spectacles with streaks of orange, green, white and black. As with the colours of my spectacles, I have a lot of feelings - sometimes happy, excited but mostly sad. This is especially when my parents disallow me to play boardgames all day long.

Of course, I do not play boardgames by myself. I play the games with my best friend and brother R. R is as thin as a stick. Even though he eats ice-cream like a pig, he eats his meals like a bird. He is as cheeky as a chimpanzee but he is also very sporting. That is why I am happy to play with him. I will be happier if my parents could let us play boardgames more often.

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