Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Some pictures taken at the Airshow which we have visited. Btw the pictures looked fabulous but the weather was hot, hot, hot...

What a sight! Blue, vast sky jutxaposed against the emerald green sea water, with an island in between and some container ships dotting the sea.

Don't you love the white, fluffy clouds? They are like cotton candies. Hey, what is that little speck above the clouds? It is a plane. Oh! How I envy the pilot who must be having a bird's eye view of the surrounding from the top of the world.

This is a plane. Up, close and personal. The plane is a dream comes true for man who can now fly like a bird.

These are two fighter planes performing acrobatic acts in the sky. And it is not just the fellow airshow goers who are in awe of the performances. Some birds inspired by the airshow performance, imitate the planes and fly in some formation in the sky too! Or rather, this is how it appears to me.

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