Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

"Mum, please cook ginseng chicken using the Korean ginseng bought from Korea. We would be back on Christmas Eve." I chimed to my mother over the phone.

Thereafter I followed up with my brothers to tell them I would be bringing log cake for dessert. The Chua's family gathering was set.

We arrived at my youngest brother's place. He is the most doted child in my family who has the great fortune of staying with our mother. This place is where we would always gravitate to for family gathering usually over the weekends but then we may not meet up for long. This time round was different. Besides the ginseng chicken and log cake, my second brother also bought some fried chicken wings and "nonghyongs". It was a potluck of sorts. We stayed and chatted while the children enjoyed each other's company.

In Christmas Day, we stayed at home and just be together. I prepared a simple and delicious meal of pasta with mushrooms and salmon. The boys enjoyed it. For the adults, we chilled out with white wine and ice cream log cake. While our Christmas celebration was simple, I feel so blessed and happy.

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