Thursday, December 11, 2014

Australia Adventure Dec 2014, 3 Swansea

Dec 9, Tuesday D03 -  Today I made a brouhaha. I thought it was a Wednesday but was pleasantly surprised that it was a Tuesday. I was as happy as a lark when we made our great plan to take the 5 hour morning cruise to the world acclaimed Wineglass Bay. 

Around the pier area 

My mood was dampened greatly as both my boys were down with a serious bout of seasickness. After a short 1 hour fun with the sea breeze playing our hair, they were confined to the back of the ferry. Especially P he was in so much agony that at times, he roared like a sick lion. Most of the time however, he just whimpered in pain and was shivering from cold. It was no doubt that the dog is the man's best friend. A dog just came to lay beside P and looked up with concern whenever he groaned.

Wineglass Bay

Once on land, the boys were back to their old selfs again. We then made our way to visit Freycinet national park to visit Cape Tourville lighthouse.

We decided to drive to the nearby town, Bicheno for dinner. We checked our Parinsi and it turned to be one of the best dining Devi we have had thus far. The Norwegian salmon was very fresh and done to perfection. The seafood pizza was also awesome. It was no wonder that the restaurant encouraged booking for dinner. We were lucky to have a table albeit it was alfrenso style. The waitress was very considerate and brought out our chocolate out which kept us warm.

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