Friday, December 19, 2014

Australia Adventure, Dec 2014, 13 Gold Coast

19 Dec, Friday, D14

We sort of settled down in our apartment but were at the same time, sorely aware that we would be heading back home soon. No time for wallowing in thousands of "what-if"s, it was more important to live in the moment and enjoyed the rest of our holiday.

Hmm, we had revisited most of the attractions we wanted. It was time to suss out new ones. We narrowed to David Fleay Wildlife Reserve, Thunderbird Park and Segway Safari at Wildlife Currumbin Sanctuary. The first one was rejected for being too unadventurous. We settled on the last one.

Upon arrival, we made a last minute change of plan as R did not meet the minimum weight floor to ride the Segway. We proceeded with Adventure Parc, high rope course. R and I took the green and a shorter version of the red course while my hubby pressed on for the black course - the most physically demanding one. 

We thought P went back to the base camp. We misjudged P. To our surprise, he did the Croc shock -doing flying fox over the crocodiles! Well, at least part of it, beyond the green course, the other courses required much physical endurance to complete. After flying over the the salt water crocodiles, he was too tired and desperate to get out. He removed his safety harass and hook them on the fence before climbing out of the course. He probably was oblivious of the crocodiles lying below him. One wrong step he would be their next meal.

After an exhilarating adventure, we next headed out to the beach in our swimming costumes to catch the waves. Every time, the wave came crashing in, we would time the right moment to jump with our back facing the wave. Not all waves were the same, occasionally there would be strong ones, we would lose our balance and get drenched. It was such great fun.

Once we reached our apartment, the first thing we did was to call to reserve a table for four at our new favourite, Itoshin Japanese Restaurant. We had to be seated at the Tatami room as the main tables were all fully booked. But it was a nice change to sit on the giant floor pillow barefooted with lots of privacy and surrounded with good food. Granted it was not cheap, we ordered the dinner at 46 each, but the food was really delicious. 

It was such a lovely day. We started off with only a very vague idea of what to do. While the options did not turn out viable, we were fast to change course and seize the day and the meal as well.

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