Monday, December 15, 2014

Australia Adventure Dec 2014, 9 Gold Coast

15 Dec, D09

The time was 5 minutes to nine in the morning. It was the first day of our road trip that we could sleep past 7.30 am. With less than 6 hours to go before hitting Gold Coast, we could take it a little easier taking a more relaxing pace. This was great as I was eager and ready to explore this serene and lovely place.

That was not before we settled done adminstrative matters such as paying for the road tolls incurred in Sydney. Australia is such a friendly country to explore for solo travellers. A few calls and checking the websites and we were all set to check out Port Macquarie!

Our first stop was the Tacking Point Lighthouse, built in 1878. Just below the lighthouse on the northern side, was a tiny beach, suitable for walking.

After a lazy leisurely stroll, it was time for lunch. We headed to the much touted Pancake Place by 'Getaway'and 'Sydney Weekender'. The place served very delicious and innovative, well... pancakes.

Another of the Port's 'Best Tourist Attraction' 4 years running was Ricardson Tomatoes. That was our next stop. The star attraction was being able to hand pick out strawberries. It was so much fun and the berries tasted especially  sweet as they were our fruits of labour.

We gained an hour when we arrived at Gold Coast due to the time difference. I thought I would be able to receive my room key from the reception as it was around 6 pm. Alas, luck was not with me. No worries, the management had it all thought out. In fact, they called me two days beforehand, giving me exacting instructions of how to get into my apartment. This was similar 3 years ago when we booked our accommodation at Gemini Court Holiday Apartment. 

Once we stepped into our apartment (Burleigh Beach Tower-1098)  we were wowed by the decor and even more so by the million dollar view. Just look at the white puffy clouds and the soothing gentle waves lapping up on the silky golden beach.

Burleigh Heads was a well-planned and self-contained neighbourhood. Dinner was at the nearby Sushi on James. Thereafter we bought some groceries from a convenience store which was also within a stone's throw away. 

Welcome to Burleigh Heads! 

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