Friday, December 19, 2014

Australia Adventure Dec 2014, 14 Brisbane

Dec 20, Sat D14

In a blink of an eye, two weeks just past. Today, we needed to drive to Brisbane to catch the flight back home.

There were old happy memories 3 years back and we would want to revisit New Fish Market Cafe - just opposite the park.

942 Brunswick St, New Farm QLD 4005, Australia

We had had our first meal in Australia 3 years back. We were hungry and exhausted. The food tasted heavenly then. 

There was a little trepidation when we tried to google for the cafe. And we were thrilled that it was still around.

We first ordered 2 servings of whiting fish and 1 serving of snapper. Both sets were topped up with caramari rings and fries. The sweet sauce cost a dollar. The verdict? It was still as good.

We topped up our order with another 2 servings - salmon and snapper. R also had his vanilla ice cream. 

As a result, we spent a large portion of our time in Brisbane there. Before long, it was time to take the flight back to Singapore. It has been a very exciting and enjoyable holiday. 

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