Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Australia Adventure Dec 2014, 1 Hobart

Dec 6 - The Lim family went onboard the plane in the night after having sushi for dinner. We were in for a movie treat on the plane as the latest Doraemon movie "Stand by Me", was on air. Yippee!

Dec 7 D01 - After a 7-8 hour plane ride, we arrived at Melbourne the next day at around ETA0745hrs, Australian time which was 3 hours ahead of Singapore. We then took a 2 hour connecting flight and arrived at Tasmania, Hobart at ETA1225hrs. It gave us enough time to buy 2 prepaid SIM cards from Telstra at an attractive price of Aus30 after a hefty 50% discount. One for P and one for myself. Hey, we lived in an internet connected world!

We were taken aback when we arrived at Hobart. The temperature was below 15 degree celicus and we were ill-prepared or at least for my boys and I. We only had a thin red patterned red scarf to wrap around for the much needed warmth. (See photo below for a glimpse. Yes, that was the scarf.) Mr Lim, however, whipped out a blue wind breaker and smiled gleefully at our misfortune. He then said to his defence that "I have asked if you would want to have jackets to bring up the planes." Magnanimous, I was. I said my piece that as a family we should look out for one another and rest my peace.

We checked into Argyle Motor Lodge (125) in North Tasmania. Thereafter we made our way to visit Mt Wellington to see sunset. On our way, we did a slight detour to a vineyard to do wine tasting and bought a bottle of Riesling at Aus25 to enjoy in the 3 nights in Tasmania. Due to the persistent shower, the view was obscured but we did enjoy the cool and fresh air up in the mountain.

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