Thursday, September 11, 2014


I have one of the most wonderful day of my life today. This week is the September school holiday term break. My hubby is in town and we are both able to take a half day off from work together.

We decide to visit Gardens by the Bay and head towards Cloud Forest, followed by Flower Dome. We are able to enjoy natural's wonders even though the rain is pouring as both areas are enclosed. Isn't this just amazing? The temperature is kept at a comfortable mid-20s. The crowd is thin and the boys are able to run around.

I could just hold my husband's big, warm hand and reminisce on our first date. This must have been love. It has matured beyond the first flush of love to that of caring for the significant half. Whatever I do, my first thought is always for my husband. I know that it is the same for him. No matter how tired he is, he will always be there for me when I need him. This relationship has been going strong for close to two decades and still counting. 

I am very grateful to be so blessed to find my love and to have such a wonderful family. There is so much love. I believe together we can build a better tomorrow for our family.

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