Monday, December 9, 2013

Wowed by Waitomo and Riveted by Rotorua

In Day 2 of our great New Zealand adventure, we first visited the much acclaimed Waitomo caves. There were thousands and thousands of glow worms in the stacalite cave. The Aranui cave boasted unique limestone formation telling stories of long ago. Both were fertile grounds for imagination. 

Much as we were wowed by the green glow of the light-emitting worms and nature's deft hands, we were also sleep-deprived and sorely in need of a wash-up. Having spent the night out in our trusted rented car with little sleep, we were tired.

We pressed on and reached Rotorua at around noon. Rotorua was another nature's child. It was tranquil and loving. Yet, it seemed to be a little time bomb with geysers bubbling around. Smells of sulphur were in the air in Kuirau Park, Sulphur Bay and along the perimeters of the life-giving Rotorua lake.

Warnings of potential thermal hotspots could be spotted generously at the parks. Yet a stone's throwaway was a children playground and residential estates. Such was the paradox of Rotorua whose story was still unfolding before our eyes.

We would be exploring more of Rotorua today. Stay tuned for more updates.

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