Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Welcome Onboard Inter-island Ferry at Wellington

"R wake up," I gently caressed R's soft black hair. "It would be a long journey today."

This was Day 5 in New Zealand and we had a ferry to catch on Day 6 at Wellington. I checked out of our room at BW Braiside, Rotorua.

At the suggestion of the friendly receptionist, we stopped by Wai-O-Tapu (sacred water) en-route to Wellington. Wai-O-Tapu was NZ's most colorful and diverse volcanic thermal wonderland. However, the temperature in the morning was bone chilling at 12 Degree Celsius. As we had been to Yellowstone Park which also boosted stunning geothermal activity and also to Lady Knox Geyser's less well-known cousin, Pohutu yesterday, we decided to continue our car journey.

Along the 6 hour car drive, we had plenty of stopovers to explore spectacular nature lookout point to marvel at the magnificent Tapu lake as well as Mount Ruapehu.

There were also buildings of the city area of the little towns we passed by. It had been a leisure car drive though we needed to stop at frequent intervals as the drive can get somewhat mundane.

We reached Wellington at 4 pm. This being the holiday, there was no vacancy at our preferred inn, Capital Motorway Motel. The pleasant looking young Indian lady at the reception had been most helpful to suggest us to check out another motel nearby. And here we were lazying snugly in our family suite at Newlands Court Motel. We checked out 1841 Bar Restaurant for a well-deserved dinner which served savorary steak and sweet tantalising desserts.

I remembered what a fellow toastmaster once said, in life there were many coincidences and opportunities, we just needed to be open and to grab the chance when it came. I would add that we should count our blessings. It had been a beautiful day where my family had a safe car journey and lovely time together.

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