Monday, December 16, 2013

Charming Country-like Christchurch

We experienced the rural Christchurch with a farm visit at Arion Farm in the morning. It was a no frills farm experience in a park environment.

The kids loved the farm visit as they could hand feed the goats, touch the farm animals and chase after the fowls. There was one billy goat that would follow R as R was very generous with his feed. We had to go to great lengths to distract the goat in order to open the gate without letting the goat out.


Domesticated farm animals.

Above: The goat that kept following R.

We returned to the city for a quick lunch. The effects of the devastating earthquakes in 2010/11 still remained. However, signs of the city dusting itself off and rebuilding to be brighter and better with a re-energised and closer-knit community spirit, were in full display.

Resilient Christchurch after the quake.

Thereafter we made our way to Willowbank Wild Reserve. It was a very interesting concept as the birds were allowed to roam around in the man made natural habitat for them. There were also nuggets of information about the origins of the animals.

The many animals at Willowbank.

Lovely landscape.

Native and introduced birds.

We ended our day with pizza at CBD Bar, Bar and Pizzaria in the heart of the city. This was not before a walkabout in the Asian shopping area. 

Most of the shopping places would be closed by 6 pm. This meant that we spent the rest of the night in our motor lodge, Ascot Vale Motor Lodge. It helped that there was free WIFI and laundry facilities in-house. It felt like a great vacation at home. 

The key takeaway of today's journey was a banner I read which said something to this effect "Canterbury has gone through a lot. The simple things in life are the most joyful." This pearl of wisdom applies our life too. Spending quality time together with our loved ones is the greatest happiness in life.

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