Monday, December 9, 2013

Story of Rotorua Unfolded

We were in Day 3 of our New Zealand self-drive tour. There were no morning calls, no schedule to follow. Just lots of freedom as to what we wanted to do, to go.

Our day started only after 11 am. That was the definition of free and easy. There were two key attractions which drawn us to Rotorua. One Skyline Rotorua at Fairy Springs Road, which boasted the magnificent paranomic view of the town. Rotorua was probably an ancient volcano crater and which had long lost its erupting power. Traces of the past remained. We took the trustworthy gondola up Skyline Rotorua and marvelled at the view it offered.

From atop Skyline Rotorua, the great Rotorua lake cut out a perfect circular shape that resembled a volcano crater. Besides the picture-perfect view, we had family fun taking the luge rides and chair lifts multiple times.

For a slice of the Maori culture, we visited Te Puia. However what that attracted most was the geysers. Yet another evidence of Rotorua's past. There were steam points and bubbling mud pools. We waited for the perfect time where nature performed the dancing fountains of steam and sulphur. 

We ended the day at Mac's Steak House. It was our second time having dinner here. It served great, mouthwatering steaks and delicious desserts. 

We would be having an early night as we would need all the energy as we would be heading to the next town. 

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