Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Day in a Life of a Dinosaur

A little journal which was written by P.

A Day in a Life of a Dinosaur


It is not like I can choose what kind of dinosaur I am, but I will like to be a carnivore as (now) I hate eating vegetable. I also would want to choose the day that dinosaurs went extinct to see what happened.


"Poof!" Now I am a dinosaur (and this part is not very easy to imagine as dinosaurs do not use a pen and a book.)


Alright, let's get back to the story. If the theory of meteorite or whatever you call it was true, it will most likely go like that.


It started out as a distant star which grew to the size of the sun. Now, it was blazing hot as two suns shone brightly at me. The thought that the second sun was going to crash on me made me tremble. I took to my heels.


20 hours later....


It was as if my prediction came to life, only much more horrible. In the blink of an eye, "CRASH!" a mushroom-like black cloud of smoke could be seen from a distance. Most dinosaurs in the crash site died, and for the ones that survived, it was catastrophe. I did not know what happened to them because I was smarter than the average dinosaur. I did not see the rest of the story unfold as now. 24 hours is up, I can finally step into the flow of time, 65 million years in the future. 

Believe or not, even if I had the chance, I would not want to stay there for I know what happened next. The thick smoke covered up the sun and cast a never experienced winter which lasted for years and years. If I were a mammal then, I would have been elated, but not a dinosaur. As dinosaurs are cold-blooded and need the sun. So if I had to stay there, I would rather die in the crash site than become dino-ice.

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