Thursday, May 28, 2009

Relaxation Techniques

I just came back from a one day course on stress management. I must say I learn a lot. And LEARN is the acronymn of the knowledge I have just acquired.


Especially, nutrition. How many of us view food as an enjoyment? Do you know that food can also be an evil? 4S which I picked up on food.

1. S-ustenance. We eat food to live not the other round.

2. S-uitability. Just like one man's meat is another's poison. Food that works wonder for one's body may not be so for another. So we need take cue from our body.

3. S-ustainability. I learn that celery is good but I do not like the taste. While I can drink it once in a blue moon, this cannot be part of my lifestyle. For a change to be sustained, I need to do something about the taste. For example, celery with green apple juice tastes better to me.

4.System. Food is just one of the many things that can help us relieve stress. I learn about deep breathing, the right posture and exercise. Together, I can be healthy and happier.

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