Sunday, May 3, 2009

Orange Alert for Influzena A H1N1

On May Day, Singapore moved up one notch to orange in the alert system that measures the risk of a flu pandemic. Measured on a five-colored code from green to yellow, orange, red and black, with black being the most serious, Singapore gears up in her battle to fight against the threat of the influzena A H1 N1.

I watched in awe at how swiftly the Government get everything up and running. Smartened from the previous SARS episode, the Government has galvanised the infrastructure and put together systems and processes for a possible flu pandemic. There is a clear designated area to hold people who are suspected of being infected with the H1N1 virus - at the Aloha holiday chalets. Guests at Aloha holiday chalets are quickly turned away.

It is not just hardware but also software aspect. NEA has upped the ante against the potential threat of the influzena A by reintroducing the Singapore OK campaign. More cleaning at food centres are also in store in a bid to stave off the new flu strain. Some companies are also re-activating the working arrangement last used under the SARS period. Even the youngsters are doing their part - school children including my boy were taught to measure their temperature on a regular basis.

With all the ammunitions rolled out, I hope that together we could keep H1N1 at bay. However, we do not need to be overtly panaroid at this point in time. What we need to do is to practise greater civil consciousness - rest at home when one is sick, cover one's mouth when sneezing.

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