Thursday, May 7, 2009

Flu Flight, Flu from Fatigue

New evidence emerges to show that the current influzena A H1N1 though contagious is not life-threatening. Hence, MOH has scaled down the alert status one notch down - from orange to yellow.

The past few days of ramping up of measures to keep the potential carriers of H1N1 has caused some inconvenience to us. However, my heart goes to all those involved in putting the measures in place - healthcare professionals such as doctors and nurses, airport officers and those working to ensure the quarantine centres are up and running in the shortest possible time and many, many others.

Though the flu scare has now taken flight fortunately, many of these gungho workers who braved the dangers amid the unknowns surrounding H1N1 to keep us safe, could now be suffering be from flu due to fatigue. It's time for them to take a good break. After all, they have to stay healthy to take care of all fellow Singaporeans.

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