Sunday, May 24, 2009

Much Ado About Location

Yesterday, our car was at the workshop and our family had to use the public transport.

The first stop was to my boys' tuition centre which was within walking distance from our place. Their lesson started at 9 am and we took bus number "11" - walk there. It was quite good exercise for our family. As the examination was over, my husband and I decided to give our two children a movie treat. When their enrichment lessons ended at 10.30 am, we made our way home before heading to a nearby town to catch the movie "Monsters versus Aliens" at 11.15 am. Initially, I thought it would be quite a mad rush. I was proven wrong. Surprisingly, we arrived there in good time.

When the movie ended, we went for lunch via MRT to a nearby Botok Jones chain. At around 2 pm, the workshop called to inform us that our car was ready for collection. This was when we flagged a taxi and finally, our car was back :)

I learnt to love my current abode more for its strategic location. That is one important reason why I am able to go to work, send my boys to enrichment lessons, to their schools, student-care centre, without a car. My husband takes the car as he needs to travel in his line of work. I know of friends who have 2 cars as otherwise they will have to spend many precious time waiting for the public transport.

Not me. Though my place is not at the town centre, there are many buses - not the feeder type which has very long off-peck waiting time - that pass by my block. And the most beautiful thing is that the bus stop is directly next to my block. As my unit is tucked at the other corner, I get to enjoy the convenience without the noise. And if I fancy a little walk, though not exactly within a stone throw, I could walk home from a nearby MRT station in the cool night breeze. Ahh... I love my place.

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