Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Small Brother is Big Now

It has been about two years since we last took an airplane together as an extended family for a holiday. The last time we did so was with my mother in 2007 to Taiwan. This time round, my youngest brother also managed to find time to join us in Hong Kong.

Due to work commitments, he could only join us one day later on Wednesday while we flew off a day earlier. Initially my mother and I were worried that he might not be able to find his way to the hotel as he was known to us with no sense of direction. But hey, he proved us wrong. Not only did he manage to find his way here, he also went for his dinner and did some shopping on his own.

During the holiday, he has also been a terrific child minder and a favorite with my two boys. He doted on them. He was also a good mediator - breaking out the many potential fights between the boys. Not only that he was also a filial son - remembering to pass some pocket money to my mother and always on a lookout for her.

This was a the first time that we holidayed together. My family was not rich and we never had the chance to go on a holiday - not even to our hinterland Sentosa together when we were young.

I was the eldest in the family and was seven years my youngest brother's senior. When I started working, he was still in junior college. And I always thought that he was still a child.

This holiday showed me otherwise. My small brother is big now. Big enough to take care of himself and even me. He is also a generous person splurging so many gifts on his nephews, family and friends. I am proud of you little brother.

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