Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thank you Toastmasters Club

Tonight, I presented my Toastmaster project 9 speech at another club, Whampoa CC Toastmasters Club. At first, I was a bit apprehensive but after I met the club members, I was swiftly welcomed and bonded with them as we are all fellow toastmasters.

I could associate myself immediately with these wonderful people who joined the club for the same purpose - to improve our public speaking skills. The same warm, cordial air lingered in the room. Constructive and respective feedback were so generously provided to me.

Many join the club for various reasons. Some toastmasters take it as a continuous effort to improve themselves. There are also others like me who joined the club due to some events that happened. In my case, what that triggered me to join the club was the need for me to do presentation in the office.

I was not trained, not taught, not prepared for such spotlight. A mathematician by training, I resembled more of an eccentric scientist in the movie than an eloquent speaker. I preferred to be in obsurity, fading in the background, rather than to talk. I would have been happily to remain in my wallpaper mode if not for the seismic change in my workplace which came fast and furious. Almost overnight, everyone is expected to do presentation. No is not an option.

Being a toastmaster is like being on the fast lane to conquer the fear of public speaking. Today, I am much more confident if I need to speak. I could focus on putting my points across rather than wasting precious energy worrying and consequently, "blank out" when I need to speak.

Thank you Toastmasters Club!

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