Monday, June 22, 2009

Teacher of the Night

I always remember her. Unlike other teachers who eschew night life, she encourages me to embrace it. Afterall, if one is scared of dark, he or she would have wasted half of his or her life.

There are so many things to learn in the night. When the lights are out, that is where the fun has just started for the nocturnal animals. But it is also where danger lurks so stealth is her advice especially when I am walking in the dark, cobweb-laden trail.

I always enjoy my night out at Night Safari. After many encounters, the best time to walk and check out the animals is between 6 pm and 7 pm. That is the time before the last day light. While the night animals are just coming out, I am a diturnal. This is the time where my eyes see the best. After the last light, I will need to adjust to the light-deprived night and figure out the animals from their shady feature.

As my night teacher would advise, nothing beats being up close and personal with the many night creatures on the prowl. I love watching the fishing cat as motionless as rock with its eyes fixated on the fishes in the pond. But it quickly comes to life when a fish unknowingly that its predator is watching closely, swims near and fell prey to the cat. Then there is the magnificent lion who cut a lone and forlorn figure in the dark.

The tram would never take me into the enclosures of the flying squirrels or that of the fruit bats - the flying creatures of the night. Neither will the tram brings me close to smell the distinctive odor from otters which is a put-off to me. But the fun, furry little animals scurrying around are a joy to look at.

I agree with my teacher that the night is a hive of activities. She is also a fun teacher who organises animal show allowing me to rest my tired feet and at the same time, feast my eyes on the entertaining performances by the nocturnal animals. And I believe, she will understand should I oversleep the next day.

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