Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on Air

He started out as a kind, old man - with much wisdom gathered from the years. He took good care of me and showered me with much gifts. Regretably, as the years progressed and he turned younger, he was a changed man - capricious, calculative and callous.

Five years ago when the Budget Airline first came onboard in the airline industry, I did not take much heed to his arrival. It was after my colleagues told me about a promotional airfare to Hong Kong that I was embraced into his warm wrinkled arms. My husband, my elder boy and I took Valuair and were pleasantly surprised by the light snacks and drinks provided free-of-charge. Yes, it was free even though we expected to pay for it.

Fast-forward to today, Valuair was no longer value after being taken over by Jetstar. Like a jet, he has become an intolerable and impatient young man.

He was intolerable to change even when it was told to him in good time. Exorbitant changing fees were charged. I only changed the name of one of the passengers and the arrival date. He considered it as six changes and charged more than a $110.

While I fully expected to pay for the food and beverage, he was impatient to wait for my two children to ponder and decide on what to eat. The face on his stewardesses told it all. After adding the food and beverages, the puny savings were not enough to entice me to put up with the unfriendly hostesses, the cramped leg space and out of the place boarding area.

I suppose that spells the end of our five year relationship... I still prefer the more caring older airline veterans.

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