Monday, June 29, 2009

Sick on Saturday n Sunday, Moan on Monday

I had a very lousy weekend. It was so horridly bad that it continued into the following Monday.

Sick on Saturday n Sunday

I developed skin rashes on Friday. Thinking that it was just pricky heat and would go away soon, I did not pay much attention to it and continue with my day-to-day activities.

But the rashes persisted and spreaded to the whole body on Saturday and I had that irresistable urge to scratch it. But scratching did not soothe the itch and when the night came, I was scratching my body like a silly monkey. It was then that my husband decided to send me to see a doctor. But it was Saturday night and most clinics were closed. I decided to have my dinner before heading to the 24-hour clinic at the hospital as the wait was usually excruciating long.

As the itch turned unbearable, I turned resourceful - quickly gobbled my food, told my husband to foot the bill while I headed down to the nearest pharmacist for advice. After looking at my rashes, he told me that if rashes persisted for more than a day, I should go down to see a doctor for an injection. But I could not stand the itch any longer and enquired if there was any medication to relieve the uncomfort. He gave me some tabs and told me to seek medical advice if it did not help on Sunday. At the same time, I also asked for some medication for my ooh-so-painful corn on my foot - that was another story.

I popped a pill soon after payment. It took about half an hour for the medicine to work its way in my body. The itch slowly went away and I had flawless skin - well, the condition before the prickly heat set in.

My younger boy joined the sick party

Alas, the rashes came back on Sunday night and I quickly swallowed a tab. It was around the same time when I was moaning over my misery that my younger boy was down with fever.

It must be the prickly temper from the prickly heat, I was irritated that my husband could not help to feed him with his fever medication as he insisted that "mummy, to feed me". It was at such times that I would really be appreciative if my husband could exercise some initiatives to humor and coax him. Unfortunately, it was sadly not the case. So I guess, being a mother is a 24/7 job with no medical leave.

Moaning on Monday

My boy's fever has yet to subside today so I am staying at home. Alas, being a super mother also means that my older boy also gets to stay at home and I will need to send him to school later. This is no big deal but tempers do fray when he did not complete his school work dutifully and he misplaced his themometer yet again. So now, I am moaning.

For now, my motivation comes from what Uncle Ben told Spiderman "with great powers, come great responsibilities." At least, I am really glad that my rashes are gone. It's difficult to be a superhero when one is down notwithstanding that a superhero can be down but never out.

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