Saturday, January 4, 2014

Welcome 2014

This is the first weekend of a new year. Things are really looking up for me. 

I have managed to tidy up my house both physical and mental after so many years of toiling. I found the old Aileen who was very organised, task-orientated and meticulous. At the same time, a stronger me has also emerged. No longer am I dilly-dally and following the flow of life, instead I want to actively shape my life.

Key resolution for 2014 include:
1. Better involvement of others to partake in the work. This is a win-win as both parties will benefit from it.
2. In order to achieve 1, I will need to invest on my people skills, leadership and organisation skills. I will be looking out for opportunities in Toastmasters to help me be a better leader and communicator. 
3. Picking financial and business knowledge. This is something which I have always wanted to do but have been doing it on a start-stop basis. I am starting the year with a workshop on persuasive writing.

Wish me luck my friends. I do hope that you too set resolution as it is like a compass guiding us what to do.

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