Monday, August 26, 2013

Friends that we know

Have you ever wondered how are things going for friends that we know? Friends that we once have known but lost contact as each processes to the next phase of life. I do. And I sometimes wonder how are their lives right now? As age catches up with me, such thoughts crop up more often.

Recently, I bumped into an old friend from my university life. It has been close to 20 years since we were school buddies. We had our breakfast and chatted like the good old days. He looked a chubbier version of what he used to be while I had the signs of wisdom etched on my face. However that two decades between us melted instantly when we talked. It felt like yesterday as if we were still in school, taking a breather before scouting for the lecture hall or tutorial room for our next lesson.

Then there was a colleague whom I last met some five years back. He was bright and witty. I took a liking on him as he came across as a sincere and earnest person. He was one whom I could confide in. He resigned and left for an overseas posting. That was the last that I have seen him.

For such friends where our lives have crossed in the past, I would wish that they are now leading a happy and fulfilling lives. I am thankful for having known them, for their help and the footprints they left in my memory lane.

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