Saturday, July 19, 2008

P's Latest Essay

Kelvin's New Shoes
Last Saturday, Kelvin had a very big surprise. His doting uncle bought him a pair of school shoes. Kelvin loved his new big shoes very much. The next day, he wore his shoes to school.

Kelvin walked to school happily. He wanted to show his new shoes to his best friend, Clevan. While he was walking, he saw Airair. She was carrying a stack of books. She did not see Kelvin. She stepped on Kelvin's new shoes!!!!! Kelvin was upset that his new shoes were dirty. Airair was embarrassed!

Soon, it was recess. Kelvin went to the drinks stall. He stepped on some sauce. He slipped and fell. He felt embarrassed. His shoes were dirtier.

After school, Kelvin walked home. He was upset that his new shoes were very dirty. Suddenly, a car drove passed and splashed water all over Kelvin and his new shoes. Poor Kelvin, he was all wet. It was a very, very, very bad day.

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