Thursday, July 17, 2008

How to Write Well

Yesterday, I was having a casual conversation with my hubby in the car. I was sharing with him that P has been progressing real well in English. Not just in terms of writing, he is also more confident and able to express himself adding color to his speech.

The conversation trailed to my own writing journey. I wasn't an English person in my formal education. On the contrary, my English department was actually weak, that was precisely why I took the easy way out to major in Mathematics in varsity. Hey, no words but numbers and symbols - that was my escapee from writing.

It was only in the recent few years that I developed a passion for writing. Below detailed three simple steps, which I have been dutifully following as in a ritual.

Step 1: Set up a Writing Bank. Start with work areas. Make time to deposit into a writing bank, eg. allocating an hour or two each week. Just like we deposit money in the bank, we should also have a writing bank where we deposit good pieces of article where we can learn from.

Slowly progressing to other areas. For myself, I am now into creative writing. As I read more, I learn about using fairytale to spice up short articles. We could also use fable to add punch to a piece of creative writing.

Step 2: Create Thinking Time. I cannot understate the importance of keeping one's body in tip-top condition. The mind and body are very much interwined. So, get into your sports attire, start an exercise regime and keep it up. Have a little notebook around to jot down ideas which flash across your mind.

Step 3: Make Time to Write. Set clear and well-defined goals and work consistently towards achieving them. Practice makes perfect. If one is no good in a particular area, there must be greater impetus to do more. By practising, your brain neurons will make more connections and you will inevitably become a better writer.

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